About Us

OctaDime started as a brainchild of an Amazon seller who set out to solve the problems encountered during product launch as well as continued brand growth of his products in US and UK marketplaces.


Although based in UK, we recognise that majority of sellers start with the US marketplace. Recognising the demand, we have 3 professional product photography and videography services with studios in Florida, New York City and Los Angeles. We offer live-action photography and videography services with models as well.


In addition to our graphic design services of creating hero shots, infographics, lifestyle images and EBC images, we create keyword optimised listing copy as well giving you an edge over your competitors with in-depth intel of your niche and target market.


To sum up, our expertise lies in helping create successful ecommerce businesses. Simple.



Our services

With so many competitors on Amazon, it’s hard to get ahead of the competition if you have no idea about Amazon’s guidelines for uploading product image and writing optimized copy. Don’t know how to start? Here, at OctaDime, we will help you produce attention-grabbing images (and offer general graphic design services) and keyword optimized copy on Amazon that will convert viewers into buyers!

Amazon Images
Photography (with Models)
Product Videography
Business Trader
Graphic Design
Amazon Product Listing Copy
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How can we help

In an increasingly crowded Amazon market, the need to stand out from the crowd is vital to succeed. This is where we come in. With our variety of industry leading creative marketing services comprising of (but not limited to) product photography, optimised images and listing copy, you can relax and focus on more important aspects of your business while we focus on boosting your sales.

We care about your business – let us know how we can help.

Why Choose us


OctaDime is committed to helping its clients reach their goals by offering a range of creative services – giving an array of options to suit everyone’s needs.

Our strong identity of relating to client’s experience motivates us to continuously innovate and provide creative solutions which are industry leading yet tailored for everyday e-commerce seller.

Our services have been recommended by leading Amazon sellers. OctaDime helps businesses look great online. Get in touch to know more.







Let us know how we can help

With Amazon constantly tinkering the guidelines for images and listing copy, it can sometimes get too much to keep up. Let the experts at OctaDime handle leave the stress out of your way from product launch and continued growth. We offer a range images optimisation, photography, videography and listing copy services which would suite all levels of Amazon sellers – reach out to know more!