3D Product Rendering

3D Product Rendering


Stand out from competition with 3D rendered product images.


3D Renders are a unique way to portray the product in a more creative way. Utilise this service and make your product stand out from competition.


After a purchase is made the below details will need to be sent to support@octadime.shop with subject line: “OctaDime 3D Product Rendering Purchase”.  The product images must be uploaded on a file sharing platform such as Google Drive and Dropbox and the link to be shared in the below form:


  • Client's Full Name:
  • Package ordered: 3D Product Rendering
  • Order ID:
  • Marketplace/s (Amazon US or Europe):
  • Product Images sharing link:




One 3D Rendered Image: $40 per image

Two 3D Rendered Images: $38 per image

Three 3D Rendered Images: $36 per image

Four 3D Rendered Images: $34 per image

Five 3D Rendered Images: $31 per image

Number of 3D Rendered Images

One 3D Rendered Image, Two 3D Rendered Images, Three 3D Rendered Images, Four 3D Rendered Images, Five 3D Rendered Images


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