Template 1

Template 1


Express your brand and standout from competition with EBC Template 1


Brand owners qualify for EBC after registering their brand with Amazon Brand Registry. EBC gives you an edge over your competitors by allowing you to offer them your brand story, who you are and what you care about. This helps get you a step ahead of competition by building a direct connection with your audience.


EBC has been known to improve conversion rate, traffic and sales velocity when it is accompanied by fully optimised listing and advertising methods.


There are 5 different templates which can be chosen to showcase the best features of your product or brand, each of which comprises of  different combination of images and/or banners.


Template 1 comprises of:

4 rows with 2 images in each row. There is text which goes next to the 2 images in each row. Essentially, each row will have 2 images which are linked to each other and text which relates to the feature highlighted in the 2 images.


Through expertly optimised product images, you’ll be able to get photos that differentiate you from your competitors and position your product as the more superior item.


After a purchase is made the below details will need to be sent to support@octadime.shop with subject line: “OctaDime Enhance Brand Content (EBC) Images – Template 1 Purchase”.  The product images must be uploaded on a file sharing platform such as Google Drive and Dropbox and the link to be shared in the below form:


  • Client's Full Name:
  • Package ordered: Enhance Brand Content (EBC) Images – Template 1
  • Order ID:
  • Marketplace/s (Amazon US or Europe):
  • 2 Competitor Links:
  • Your Amazon Product Listing Link or detailed benefits/features :
  • Product Images sharing link:
  • Text for each image:


Do check out the FAQs tab to further answer any questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to support@octadime.shop for custom details. The turnaround time for this package is 5-7 business days.


Disclaimer: All of OctaDime's services have a no-refund policy and we don't optimise images for alcoholgambling and/or adult related products.


Bulk Order Pricing 

1 ASIN: $250.00 per ASIN

2 ASINs -> $240.00 per ASIN = $480.00

3 ASINs -> $230 per ASIN = $690.00

4 ASINs -> $220.00 per ASIN = $880.00

5 ASIN -> $200.00 per ASIN = $1000.00

10 ASINs -> $175.00 per ASIN = $1750.00


Turnaround/Delivery Time

Standard Delivery (5-7 Business Days): Included in package price

Express Delivery (2-3 Business Days): $100 extra


Number of Products

1 Product, 2 Products, 3 Products, 4 Products, 5 Products, 10 Products

Turnaround Time (EBC)

Express Delivery (2-3 Business Days), Normal Delivery (5-7 Business Days)

Editable Photoshop PSD Files

Source PSD Files Not Needed, Source PSD Files Needed


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