Photography and Optimisation


Photography and Optimisation

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Get optimised images that make your products stand out.


Product images are one sure-fire way to differentiate the product you’re selling from other competitors especially on a crowded marketplace such as Amazon.


As proven specialists in the field, OctaDime’s goal is to offer our photography and optimisation expertise to transform your product into something that will inspire your target buyers to purchase in a heart beat!


This package is divided into two tiers:

  • Product Photography: The product can be sent to our photo studios in Florida for professional photography where 15 high resolution images of the product and its contents are taken from different angles on white background.
  • Images Optimisation: Above images are optimised to create 7 eye-catching infographics and lifestyle images.

The deliverables of this package are 22 images in total. The shipping details are provided after a purchase is made on our website.


After a purchase is made, the below details will need to be sent to with subject line: “OctaDime Photography and Product Images Optimisation Purchase”

  • Client's Full Name:
  • Package ordered: Photography and Product Images Optimisation
  • Order ID:
  • Marketplace/s (Amazon US or Europe):
  • 2 Competitor Links:
  • Your Amazon Product Listing Link or detailed benefits/features:
  • Text for each optimised image (3 infographics and 3 lifestyle images): This short easy-to-follow document will help us help you efficiently and effectively:

Do check out the FAQs tab to further answer any questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to for custom details. The turnaround time for this service is 15 calendar days.


Disclaimer: All of OctaDime's services have a no-refund policy and we don't optimise images for alcohol, gambling and/or adult related products. Actual colours may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently. We try to edit our photos to show the products to be as life-like as possible but actual colours may vary from monitor to monitor. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.


Bulk Order Pricing 

1 ASIN: $400 per ASIN

2 ASINs -> $390.00 per ASIN = $780.00

3 ASINs -> $380 per ASIN = $1140.00

4 ASINs -> $370.00 per ASIN = $1480.00

5 ASIN -> $350.00 per ASIN = $1750.00

10 ASINs -> $325.00 per ASIN = $3250.00

Additional images over 7 images are sold as an add-on for $15 per image.rSource files for optimised images are sold as an add-on for $85 per ASIN.


Product Size Pricing


Small (up to 24 inches): Free (price included in package)

Medium (2-4 feet): $100 extra

Large (4-8 feet): $150 extra

Product contents more than 5 items: $100 extra


Turnaround/Delivery Time

Standard Delivery (15 calendar days): Included in package price

Faster Delivery (10 calendar days): $100 extra


Number of Products

No Product, 1 Product, 2 Products, 3 Products, 4 Products, 5 Products, 10 Products, 15 Products, 20 Products

Product Size

Large (4-8 Feet), Medium (2-4 Feet), Product Contents more than 5 items, Small (Up to 24 inches)

Editable Photoshop PSD Files

Source PSD Files Not Needed, Source PSD Files Needed

Turnaround Time (Photography)

10 Business Days Delivery, Normal Delivery (15 Calendar Days)

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(verified owner)

The images we received are great!! The studio shots are perfect and the lifestyle shots/amazon ready images look fantastic. My only complaint is that the communication was a little lacking. But the finished product is great and the service was good. Definitely worth the money spent and the time it took to get them. Thank you, Octadime!

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